Saturday, May 29, 2010

Because I wuv yew.

How can a person be so blind? When one has done so much? And so unappreciative.
Words can't even begin to describe my feelings.

If someone had told me last year that my life would be complicated beyond complicated, I would just honestly, laugh it all off.
Because, I don't do complicated.
Its either boring or uninteresting.
No more. No less.

But here I am today, trying to figure out how to untangle my complicated knots.
Why things happened in the first place, was beyond my control.
If I can make things go my way, trust me, I would have left earlier.
But things didn't go my way.
And despite numerous advices given to me by my lovelies, I stayed stubborn and continued what I started.
And now, I'm in too deep.
And I don't know how to stop.
And I'm not sure if I want to stop as well.
Because I love him.
Its as simple as that.

I call it love.
My lovelies call it infatuation.
I disagree.
But I respect your opinion regardless.

Why I do the things that I do for you, only because I want to and because I love you.
I never ask anything else in return but 2.
Honesty and loyalty.
Is it too much to ask?

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